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The Idaho Court Assistance Office (CAO) provides resources, court forms, document review and legal information for people who wish to represent themselves in court or who are unable to afford an attorney and would otherwise be unable to access the courts.  Each judicial district has a Court Assistance Office. 

When possible, the priority of a Court Assistance Office (CAO) is to help connect individuals representing themselves in court with a lawyer. Court Assistance Officers cannot provide legal advice or represent parties, but can explain the legal process, the risks and responsibilities of representing yourself, and what to expect in court.

In addition to the local Court Assistance Offices, the Idaho Supreme Court hosts a website with many resources for those in need of assistance. Relevant links to help as well as the Idaho Supreme Court’s resource website can be found at: 

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Are you filing for divorce, custody, child support or modification, but do not have an attorney?

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The Legal Services Directory is a collection of legal organizations and resources for Idahoans seeking assistance with their legal situation.

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Our mission is to improve the public’s access to the courts  by identifying and reducing barriers.

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Guide & File

Guide & File uses plain language questions to collect necessary information for court forms; it identifies and generates the necessary court forms which can be printed and filed with the court.

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