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File a Complaint

If you have a complaint about a guardian or conservator not fulfilling their statutory duties (e.g., stealing their ward’s money, withholding necessary medical treatment, failing to provide necessary food or shelter, physical abuse, etc.), please complete the form below with as much detail as possible.


Complete the form with as much detail as possible. 

If you do not know an answer or if it does not apply, please write “Unknown” or “N/A.”If any lines are left blank, the court may not review your complaint.

Please sign and date the complaint as the court will not accept anonymous complaints.

Make a copy of the complaint for your records.

Mail or deliver the completed form to the county courthouse where the case was filed.

Mailing addresses can be found HERE.

Please note: The complaint may be given to the appointed guardian or conservator, judicial officers and others, and your complaint will be filed in the court file.

You will be notified when the complaint is received and of any action(s) or decision(s) made.

This process generally takes three weeks.


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