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Trial Court Financing

Fine And Fee Distribution

Idaho courts, with the help of elected county clerks, collect and distribute assessed fines and fees. Court fines and fees collected support many city, county, and state programs.

During county fiscal year 2022*, the Idaho case management system reported that $4.8 million was distributed to cities, $22.4 million was distributed to counties, and $26.7 million was distributed to the State of Idaho. 


Supporting Idaho Courts

Approximately 49.7% of total court fines and fees collected are allocated back to counties and to the state to support Idaho courts. 

County Reported Revenue: 

Direct Funding

Trial Court Expenditures

Most trial court expenditures are paid directly by county funds or allocations from the Idaho Supreme Court. Direct funding is used to support the payment of court and judicial personnel, operating expenses, and capital outlay.

Expenditures totaled $163.2 million in FY2022. 

Trial Court Expenditures

Download the Summarized FY 2022 Trial Court Financing Report (PDF)

*Idaho counties’ fiscal year-end is September 30, which differs from the state’s fiscal year-end of June 30. Due to the limited time that counties have to submit their trial court financial information to the Idaho Supreme Court, Idaho court financial information is presented for the previous fiscal year. This information is submitted by each county court to the Idaho Supreme Court for reporting purposes. The data has not been audited or validated.


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