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Justices & Judges

In our system of government, Idaho’s courts are responsible for interpreting the law, determining the constitutionality of laws, and applying the law in individual cases. This work is done by fair and competent judges and justices throughout the state.  In a case an independent and neutral judge is responsible for determining the law that applies to a case and may also be the arbiter of facts when a jury is not utilized.  This system focuses on a resolution of disputes based upon the rule of law.

Idaho’s constitution and statutes provide the structure and jurisdiction of our courts.  The Supreme Court, comprised of five Justices and led by its Chief Justice, is responsible for the administration and supervision of all of Idaho’s courts. Members of the Idaho Supreme Court are the only judicial officers in the state called Justices, all others are called Judges.

The Court of Appeals is a court of assignment, which means it hears appellate cases assigned to it by the Idaho Supreme Court. It is comprised of four judges and elects its own Chief Judge.